Life Healthy Forest project was present in the third edition of the Wood Week organised by Baskegur, where professionals from the wood sector met from 23 to 29 October to discuss the latest advances in the control of major forest diseases in Euskadi.

On October 25, a visit to some of the project pilot plots representing several ecosystems with symptoms of forest decline caused by diseases was carried out. The visit was attended by representatives from the Basque Country Government, the Provincial Governments of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, some associations of foresters of the region, Hazi, CIFOR and Neiker.



In addition, during the Seminar on Forest Health on the 26th, the project coordinator Eugenia Iturritxa presented the health status of the Euskadi pine forests and the first results of the project in relation to forest pathogens. In addition, the participants were provided with some information cards. The event was completed with the participation of other experts in the field, such as Rodrigo Ahumada, a forestry engineer from ARAUCO (Chile) and Professor Stephen Woodward, phytopathologist at the University of Aberdeen (UK).



Presentations :